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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sales and budget

I have got a chance to try out the BuzzyButy and so far I can tell you that their service is not good. I mean they keep asking you what is your budget and how much you willing to take out of your wallet. I don't like this kind of promotion they do, it is not right to ask customer for the budget when they not even have chance to try first.

You need to give customer to try out then only ask them the budget. This is tough decision but easy for me to say NO because I find that their machine not working for me. I don't feel lighter I just feel very hot and uncomfortable.

Anyway have you check out the BizzyBody?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Looking for air conditional

I need to find suitable air conditional for my home. I know that is is not easy task I ask some quotation of the air conditional.

Just last week I ask the technician to come over to fix the water heater, it is spoiled and I was told not to use it any more. I also know that I pay USD$250 for new water heater, it is costly because some things increase price so they also increase. :(